Empowered By Evidence 

Empowered By Evidence (EBE)’s purpose is to assist global consumers and healthcare professionals chose natural health products. Reliable natural health products need specific evidence.

By encouraging specific evidence products, EBE is supporting an evidence-based industry. These products deserve a role in mainstream health.

For Consumers and Health Care Professionals 

Due to the high variability of complex natural health products, the evidence that supports them is product specific. This means that clinical trials that show positive health results need to be linked to products that have been used in these trials. EBE has developed an independent, robust and transparent process to link products on the shelf in over 30 countries, with clinical evidence of their effectiveness. 

For Researchers, Health Specialists, Thought Leaders 

Research on Natural Health Products (NHPs) is exploding. The fact that evidence is product specific means that to encourage the translation of this research into the most reliable health outcomes, researchers, medical and natural health specialists and other thought leaders need to work together. EBE’s members are part of this community.

For Industry

If you are a company that invests in reproducible products and specific clinical trials, it can be hard for people to find your products. Sometimes competitors use your data to support their different products. To educate the market that evidence is product specific is difficult for a company to do due to a perceived lack of independence.

EBE has developed a platform to help you connect to empowered consumers and health care professionals who are looking for specific evidence products like yours. 

What we don’t do

Sell products 

We do not sell natural health products or ingredients.


We do not provide consulting services. The reason is that we might have to review our own work. Products that don’t make the EBE standard are provided a gap analysis on the improvements they need to reach the EBE standard.

Commercial gain 

We receive no direct financial gain related to sales of accredited products, such as a percentage of sales.